The Kingdom of Westdale

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The Kingdom of Westdale

The Kingdom of Westdale:
Strategy: Strong Infantry and Concentrated Fire
Strengths: Good heavy infantry. Numerous archers. Plentiful reconnaissance.

Limited amount of cavalry. Most leaders are infantry.

The Kingdom of Westdale is the most prosperous realm in the Westerlands. The kings of Westdale trace their lineage to the first Noarlanders who crossed the Anbar Sea and carved out petty kingdoms across the Westerlands. As the power of the continent's first men, the Toth Glastos, collapsed under the relentless assaults of goblinkind, the Noarlanders inherited control of the former Toth Glastos territories and gradually evolved into the Kingdom of Westdale that exists today. As their influence grew, fellow tribes from Noarland migrated across the sea to join their battles against the goblins and in time Noarland warrior tribes came to dominate the continent.

Westdale is governed by a hereditary king, advised by a council of barons. The kingdom is divided into duchies composed of earldoms. Since the dukes and earls of Westdale descend from several different and sometimes hostile clans, their loyalty to the king is not always guaranteed. For this reason, the king maintains a body of warriors known as the Order of Royal Thanes. Thane commanders hold a rank equivalent to earls and generally serve as leaders of infantry. They own no land and forswear all inheritance as an act of loyalty to the king, upon whom they are completely dependent for all sustenance.

Westdale's eastern frontier along the Great Forbidden Mountains is under constant attack by goblin raiders, primarily the Gudhered. The kingdom's highly trained corps of Rangers keep most raiding parties at bay, but the risk of full-scale goblin invasion remains ever-present. To counter this threat, Westdale maintains a larger and more professional infantry army than most human kingdoms. Even their peasant levies receive a degree of mandatory annual training that is unheard of in other realms. History has taught the Westdalians all too well that if they desire to keep the prosperous lands that their ancestors took by conquest, then they must be prepared to defend it to the last man.

Westdale on the Battlefield:
Westdale's greatest strength is its archers. Westdalian armies are capable of massing far more fire value than any other army in the game. This advantage should not be ignored, because in battle, fire combat takes place [i]before[/i] melee combat. Consequently, Westdalian armies are able to inflict massive casualties in fire combat before their heavy infantry close in to finish their enemies off.

Westdale's second crucial advantage is their professional light infantry. They possess 4 Ranger companies and an additional 2 Forester regiments. Both Rangers and Foresters are reconnaissance specialists and talented skirmishers. This means that Westdale is capable of fighting goblins in deep forests in ways that are simply impossible for their Helsatian counterparts.

Finally, Westdale possesses better trained levies than Helsatia. The specifics of this will be covered in more detail in the levy section below.
Despite their strengths. The limited mobility of their leaders and their shortage of cavalry can be a major liability. Westdalian armies are powerful and well balanced in battle, but they do not maneuver quickly.

In total, the Westdalian army is composed of  2,953 soldiers:

  1. 1 King escorted by an additional 50 knights
  2. 2 Thanes escorted by 100 additional Men-At-Arms
  3. 300 Knights
  4. 800 Men-At-Arms
  5. 100 Crossbowmen
  6. 1200 Archers
  7. 200 Foresters
  8. 200 Rangers


Westdalian leaders come in two forms. The King, who is escorted by a valiant escort of knights. And his trusted Thanes, who fight on foot.


Westdale only possesses three regiments of knights. If used carefully these knights can be enough to secure combined arms for your major armies. But they will never be an awe inspiring hammer like their Helsatian counterparts.

Heavy Infantry:

Westdale maintains a large number of Men At Arms who are equally talented defending or attacking. They can be relied upon to fight well in any field battle.

Fire Troops:

Fire troops are the decisive wing of Westdale's armies. Their ability to rain death from afar can be devastating. Especially against the poorly armored rank and file warriors of the goblin armies.

Light Infantry:

Large numbers of Rangers and Foresters ensure that Westdalian commanders possess the best reconnaissance possible.

All Westdalian levies receive an automatic one level morale boost. Their high development towns and villages are also more likely to produce Town Watch, a type of levy who are equivalent to the average Gothrang warrior. Additionally, Westdalian villages near forests sometimes spawn Foresters as levies.

Custom Unit Groups:
Custom unit groups for Westdale usually involve various mixtures of infantry and large numbers of archers. Beta testers often mix a small number of knights into their most important unit groups to guarantee combined arms.

Tying it all together:
The true power of the Westdalian army is clearly in its infantry. Particularly its archers who can wreak havoc on their enemies before melee combat even begins. However, because of their reliance on infantry, Westdalian armies can easily be outmaneuvered by their faster moving goblin enemies, especially the wolf mounted Werchered. This shortcoming can be greatly offset by the proper use of Rangers and Foresters as skirmishers and as recon experts. Because they possess numerous reconnaissance units, Westdale has a much easier time identifying the goblin's true objective and reacting accordingly.