v. 3.1.0 Hotfix Released

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v. 3.1.0 Hotfix Released

v. 3.1.0 Released (Checksum 0A4A) (Version number remains unchanged)

December 10, 2017

Greetings everyone, this is a small hotfix before the next major beta update. This patch expands the options menu and fixes a couple issues discovered by testers.

Added a V-sync option..
Added a Vertex Rendering Option.
Added an Anti-Aliasing option.

Fixed an AI planning error that caused Goblin AIs to suicidally attack units inside castles. If testers see an AI attempt an attack on a castle at less than 1 to 1 odds, let me know.

Fixed a rare bug that could cause herds of unicorns to emergency raise levies - under the unicorn's control, resulting in a crash.
Fixed a bug that prevented Windows XP users from starting the game after the last update.