Weekly Development Roadmap 12-7-2017

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Weekly Development Roadmap 12-7-2017

Greetings everyone, I thought I would make a quick post to let you guys know how development is coming along towards the next update.

NS2 Archimedes is currently working hard on implementing the in-game tutorial system. Tutorial messages will appear while you play the game, explaining game mechanics and options to enrich the new player experience.

After version .3.1.0, we are very happy with the significant improvement in game balance after the changes to the Helsatians and Gudhered in particular.

In the next update we will focus on fairly major tweaks to the Gothrang tribe to improve their performance. Planned additions include:

  • New soldiers types, mixed into existing companies.
  • New company types.
  • More trolls, who can ever say no to more trolls?

We will also continue to overhaul skirmish combat modifiers.

We are working on a potential fix for the black screen on first time load issue for AMD graphics cards. As well as expanding the options menu.

I also have another faction introduction in the pipeline due to arrive this weekend. It will be similar to the in-depth over view of the Gudhered.

We are also continuing to expand beta slowly, but surely. After the tutorial system is fully in, we will expand the beta pool more aggressively.