Goblin Storm Update v. 3.1.0 Released

v. 3.1.0 Released (Checksum 0A4A)

December 03, 2017

Greetings everyone! This is the last major update before we expand beta next week. It focuses primarily on game balance and interface improvements. On the human side, Helsatia has been significantly rebalanced with the loss of one of its 2 Heavy Knight regiments. Meaning no more double Heavy Knight schwerpunkt shenanigans.

There are a few key changes amongst the Goblin tribes as well. Gothrang Warriors no longer suffer from a melee reduction in skirmish combat. Meanwhile, Warriors have been removed from the Gudhered tribe and replaced with more lethal Shield Bearers who excel in field battles but are terrible in skirmish.

New Units/Balance:

Added Shield Bearers to the Gudhered Tribe. Shield Bearers are highly trained general purpose infantry who excel in open field battles but are vulnerable to arrow fire and are poor skirmishers. Their stats are: 3/3 Melee, 0 Fire, 2 Fire resist, -25% skirmish.
Warriors no longer suffer a skirmish penalty.
Skirmisher offensive melee raised from 1 to 1.5.
Skirmisher defensive melee value lowered from 2 to 1.5.

Removed the Golden Eagle Regiment (Heavy Knights) from the Helsatian army.
Added Grenzers to the Helsatian army. Grenzers are halberd armed border guards who excel in defense.
Increased Levy Spears fire defense from 1 to 2.

Combat loss numbers are now color coded red = allied casualties, green = enemies killed.
Added new cursors for each order type.
New fire/combat loss button.
Added graphical border between the map and the background
Updated numerous tooltips.

Fixed a bug that could cause beasts to spawn exponentially on the Developed beast setting.
Fixed a bug that could cause loot recaptured from beasts, that had in turn been captured from Goblins after being taken from the human player, to become un-selectable. (yeah that was fun to track down)
Fixed a Goblin AI planning crash during relic raid scenarios that could occur if all abbies were burned down by beasts before Goblins could reach them.