Introduce yourselves!

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Introduce yourselves!

Tell us a little about yourself, where you're from, what games you've played in the past. How you heard about Goblin Storm or CAOS? And perhaps a little background information about yourself. I will begin.

I am Xenophon. I come from sunny southern California, land of eternal sunshine and wild fires.

I've been strategy gaming my whole life, the first video game I ever remember playing was Fields of Glory (the original one, back in 1993) and I've been playing strategy games ever since. Computer based, table top, the works. If it has hexes, I'll play it.

In addition to my work here at NS2 Games, I am a historian by trade; specializing in 20th century political history, Nazi Germany in particular. I am currently working on an interdisciplinary Master's Degree which mixes both political science and historical approaches.


Let's hear from everyone else!


I am going to create a community Discord server in the morning. I will post the info as soon as I create it.