Goblin Storm Update v. 3.0.0 Released

v. 3.0.0 Released (Checksum FEB7)

November 24, 2017

Added a checksum system. It is displayed on multiplayer lobbies so you can easily tell if the lobby you are connecting to has the same version of the game that you do. This is will be particularly helpful for anyone playing mods in the future.

Added a new road to Nordheim Gap to create a viable passage through the great northern forest.


Added Merewyrms, small saurians that patrol in large packs around their moorland lairs.
Increased Dusk Reaper spawn rate on Braxmere.
Reduced Black Knight and Questing Adventurer spawn rate on The Vale and Braxmere.
Improvements to Gudhered AI unit construction logic in conquest mode. It now builds larger units, instead of huge numbers of small ones.
Improvements to Helsatian AI unit construction logic.
Tweaks to recon tips.

Moved chat button to its own HUD tab.
Improved the watchtower graphic.
Increased space between units on the HUD to reduce name crowding.
Updated map descriptions for Braxmere and The Vale.

Improved multiplayer stability.
Fixed portrait for Levy Spears.