Goblin Storm Update v. 2.8.0/2.7.0 Released

October 24, 2017



Added roaming Adventurers. They are a rare spawn 'beast' that targets holy relics.
Added 2 companies of Imperial Jagers to the Helsatian unit pool. Jagers are highly trained recon and ambush specialists similar to Westdalian Rangers.
Improvements to the Gothrang AI to make them more likely to buy Trolls.
Added 5 new recon tips.
Added 7 new rumors.

Added new lore for Levy Horse.
Added new lore for Westdalian Rangers.
Added new lore for the Westdalian King.
Updated scenario briefing for all game modes.

Fixed portrait for Helsatian Graf.
Fixed portrait for Werchered Wolf Lords.
Fixed portrait for Levy Horse.

October 17, 2017




  • Gudhered Clan Leaders are now Overseers
  • Gothrang Clan leaders are now War Chiefs
  • Werchered Clan Leaders are now Warlords
  • Raised Hobgoblin fire defense from 3 to 4.


  • Helsatian Reich leaders have been divided into different tiers, Graf and Markgraf with their own stats and lore. More more tiers of leaders to come in the future.


New lore descriptions for:

  •     Town Watch
  •     Black Knight


UI changes
Selecting a map now automatically selects the top scenario for that map in the game creation screen.



Introduced a new soldier card graphic with more space for lore.



Fixed a bug that caused AI starting gold to be set too low in co-op games.

Fixed a bug that caused the AI to freeze during faction selection after hosting multiple consecutive games.