Goblin Storm Update

September 12, 2017

Steam integration, is partially complete. Goblin is now formally integrated into steam, you can add it to your Steam library if you have a beta key.
However, multiplayer match making is not yet integrated through Steam. Our objective is to have it completed for the 0.2.5 patch.

Emergency Levy system: human levies will now be automatically raised (but at 50% cohesion) if Goblins surprise attack a village or town.
20% increase to Goblin starting gold in all mission type. More Goblins for everybody!
Beast Spawns are now set on a per-map basis, Nordheim Gap is beset by Centaurs. Braxmere has a high Shadow Lurker spawn rate and Forbidden Mountains has an absolutely insane Gryphon spawn rate just to name a few.
Deathstalker fire defense increased from 12 to 16.
Shadow Lurker patrol range from lair decreased from 4 to 3.

2 new heraldry options for the Gudhered Goblins
2 new heraldry options for the Werchered Goblins
2 new heraldry options for the Gothrang Goblins

Fixed autosave corruption error in co-op games.
Fixed hilarious error that could very very very rarely load the human player in as their Goblin opponent.
Fixed capital city combat modifiers.