What is CAOS?

CAOS (Combined Arms Operation Series) is a turn based, operational level World War 2 simulation with detail down to platoon, focusing on historical battles and what-if scenarios that allow players to pit any major combatant army of World War two against each other in a wide variety of combat environments. Ever wanted to see a US Armored Division go head to head with a Soviet Guards Tank Corps in 1944? Then CAOS is for you.

Imagine a mixture of Panzer Leader and Campaign for North Africa. CAOS features historical and hypothetical battles ranging from small division level actions to campaigns involving multiple armies between 1936 and 1945. You can use units off the order of battle as they come 'out of the box' or break them down into smaller parts and use them to create custom battlegroups - for instance take a battalion of King Tigers, throw in a battalion of Panzergrenadiers a mortar company and a Wespe battery merge them together to make your own custom unit. The possibilities are endless.

Design Status:

CAOS has been supplanted by CAOS-2, which improves on the original in every regard, including: a full fledged AI, sharper graphics, detail down to individual squads as well as vehicles, and faster paced gameplay. Details 

CAOS Beta Gallery:

Operation Husky

battledamaged StuG Brigade

2nd Armored Division 1942