Combined Arms Operations Series (CAOS)

Welcome to Nemeton Singularity Simulations! We are an independent game design company based in California, specializing in turn based historical strategy and fantasy games ranging from the battlefields of medieval fantasy to the trenches of World War 2. Operational strategy is our passion and we aim to fill the sorely underserved void between grand strategy and battlefield tactics. Here at NS2, we intend to put you in the boots of great generals and legendary warlords. 

The Combined Arms Operations Series (CAOS) ships out on June 21 on Steam.


The Combined Arms Operations Series (CAOS) simulates operational level combat between World War II armies across national boundaries and years. Ever wanted to see Soviet and US forces face off in 1945? Or Germany 1939 versus Italy 1942? Here’s your shot.

Follow historical doctrines or rewrite them entirely as you reorganize historical armies to match your command style. See for yourself how the Soviet army could perform in 1941 outside the confines of Operation Barbarossa. Mix and match units from across the German army to create the ultimate combined arms kampfgruppe in 1944. Mass enough American artillery to blot out the sun. Whatever your playstyle, CAOS is happy to provide.

Scenarios in CAOS are fast paced and self-contained. Players can choose between anything from small battles between a couple divisions that can be played in under and hour, to sprawling army level battles involving dozens of divisions and hundreds of units that can be played across several days. Multiplayer scenarios are synchronous, allowing you to see your ally issue orders in real time, easily coordinate your battleplans, and even transfer control of units between players.

Simulate Operational Combat:
CAOS uses simultaneous turn resolution and highly mobile combat to recreate the chaotic nature of combined arms warfare in a turn-based strategy game. Use armored spearheads to smash through enemy lines and create deep encirclements. Infiltrate commandos through rugged mountains to cut off hostile lines of supply. Pound enemies into submission from afar with artillery and aircraft. Destroy bridges, build fortifications, and construct minefields to force your rivals to fight on your terms. But remember, no plan of battle survives contact with the enemy. Be prepared to adapt quickly to an evolving battlefield and outmaneuver your opponents.

Key Features:

  • Command German, Soviet, American, British, Italian, and French forces from 1939-1945.
  • Customize historical forces by retraining and reorganizing units and merging units into custom battlegroups.
  • Units detailed down to every tank, artillery piece, and rifle squad.
  • Combined arms warfare: deploy tanks, infantry, artillery, and aircraft to wage blitzkrieg against your opponents or grind them into the dust through attrition.
  • Long range artillery: Provide fire support or pound your enemies from many hexes away.
  • Fog of war and reconnaissance: Use recon units and aircraft to watch your flanks and track your enemy’s maneuvers.
  • Three game types, ranging from small meeting engagements to full-scale invasions.
  • Randomized objective selection and starting zones to enhance replayability.
  • Single player, synchronous head-to-head PvP and 2 player co-op.