Goblin Storm

Welcome to Nemeton Singularity Simulations! We are an independent game design house based in California, specializing in turn based fantasy and historical strategy games ranging from the battlefields of medieval fantasy to the trenches of World War 2. Operational strategy is our passion and we intend to fill the sorely underserved void between grand strategy and battlefield tactics. Here at NS2, we intend to put you in the boots of great generals and legendary warlords. We are currently working on our second title, CAOS-2, due to enter closed beta this fall.

What is Goblin Storm?

Goblin Storm (GS for short) is a turn based fantasy game of strategy and deception that pits invading goblin hordes against human defenders. It can be played single player against an AI, co-op against huge AI armies, or head to head against other players. Our design philosophy is that game play should be deep but easy to learn and accessible to players.

Build your kingdom from the ground up and command customizable armies of thousands of warriors to defend its borders from brigand, beast and Goblin alike. Or take command of the Goblin hordes and burn it all to the ground using the raw power of thousands of blood thirsty Goblins and armored Battle Trolls; or the precision and prowess of a handful of highly trained Wolf Lords in a commando style raid.

Armies will clash, thousands will die, kingdoms will burn to ashes around you. What are you waiting for? Unleash the storm!

Goblin Storm is currently in the latter stages of closed beta and we are preparing for release in the latter half of December. In the meantime, if you're interested, head on over to the forum and check out our dev blogs or join the discussion. We'd love to hear your feedback!

Goblin Storm Update v. 3.1.0 Released

v. 3.1.0 Released (Checksum 0A4A)

December 03, 2017

Greetings everyone! This is the last major update before we expand beta next week. It focuses primarily on game balance and interface improvements. On the human side, Helsatia has been significantly rebalanced with the loss of one of its 2 Heavy Knight regiments. Meaning no more double Heavy Knight schwerpunkt shenanigans.

Goblin Storm Update v. 3.0.0 Released

v. 3.0.0 Released (Checksum FEB7)

November 24, 2017

Added a checksum system. It is displayed on multiplayer lobbies so you can easily tell if the lobby you are connecting to has the same version of the game that you do. This is will be particularly helpful for anyone playing mods in the future.

Added a new road to Nordheim Gap to create a viable passage through the great northern forest.


Goblin Storm Update v. 2.8.0/2.7.0 Released

October 24, 2017



Added roaming Adventurers. They are a rare spawn 'beast' that targets holy relics.
Added 2 companies of Imperial Jagers to the Helsatian unit pool. Jagers are highly trained recon and ambush specialists similar to Westdalian Rangers.
Improvements to the Gothrang AI to make them more likely to buy Trolls.
Added 5 new recon tips.
Added 7 new rumors.

Goblin Storm Update v. 2.6.0 Released

October 10, 2017

Training levels of all Gothrang Hordes have been adjusted.
Training levels of all Gudhered Hordes have been adjusted.
Training levels of all Werchered Hordes have been adjusted.
Several Gothrang clans now possess troll warbands.
Added a new Battle Troll warband to the Gudhered Tribe.

Overhauled the unit purchasing screen. It now graphically displays the training level of each unit.

Fixed crash when a player attempted to re-connect to a co-op game as a Goblin.
Fixed a crash when a connected client attempted to disband a battlegroup.
Fixed a rare AI planning crash.

Goblin Storm Update v. 2.5.0 Released

September 21, 2017

This patch is short and sweet, but the changes are profound:



Steam integration, is complete! All elements of Goblin Storm are now fully functional on Steam, including multiplayer lobbies and server browser.



Every unit in the game has been overhauled with a lore-friendly name.

Goblin Storm Update

September 12, 2017

Steam integration, is partially complete. Goblin is now formally integrated into steam, you can add it to your Steam library if you have a beta key.
However, multiplayer match making is not yet integrated through Steam. Our objective is to have it completed for the 0.2.5 patch.

Emergency Levy system: human levies will now be automatically raised (but at 50% cohesion) if Goblins surprise attack a village or town.
20% increase to Goblin starting gold in all mission type. More Goblins for everybody!
Beast Spawns are now set on a per-map basis, Nordheim Gap is beset by Centaurs. Braxmere has a high Shadow Lurker spawn rate and Forbidden Mountains has an absolutely insane Gryphon spawn rate just to name a few.
Deathstalker fire defense increased from 12 to 16.
Shadow Lurker patrol range from lair decreased from 4 to 3.

2 new heraldry options for the Gudhered Goblins
2 new heraldry options for the Werchered Goblins
2 new heraldry options for the Gothrang Goblins

Fixed autosave corruption error in co-op games.
Fixed hilarious error that could very very very rarely load the human player in as their Goblin opponent.
Fixed capital city combat modifiers.

Goblin Storm Patch

Added additional heraldry options for the Human side, left click your shield on the start game screen to change it.

The end game screen will reopen, if it has been closed, when the intel button is pressed.

Fixed unit card display issue in coop.
Fixed missing end game screen and automatic return to main menu in single player, when playing as the Goblins.
Fixed levy type change issue in coop.

Goblin Storm Patch

Added player heraldry to the lobby screen, players may change their heraldry by left or right clicking their shield.

The target weight for beasts has been reduced by half for the Goblin AI, except when the beasts possess mission specific loot.
Decreased the cohesion loss from movement for beasts by 30%.

Goblin Storm Patch
Added coop game mode, allowing for two players to fight together against the AI - currently Human side only.
Lake hexes now add +1 pop, +1 dev and +1 econ to cities, towns and villages.

Fixed broken road juncture on Braxmere.

Goblin Storm Patch

Added 6 new soundtracks.

Added a new map: Braxmere. A 32x32 alpine map with sprawling forests and woodlands.
Changed min distance for deployment between castles and goblin deployment to 5.

Fixed an error that allowed units to retreat on top of beasts.
Fixed an error that caused positions captured by beasts to be counted in goblin points.
Fixed auto start and auto save mechanics.
Fixed several ai planning stability issues.

CAOS Released

CAOS version has been released.


This version introduces a new feature to the Zone of Control (ZOC) overlay. While the ZOC overlay is active, hovering the cursor over a hex adjacent to an enemy unit will display all of the enemy occupied hexes that could be involved if a deliberate attack were launched from this position.


Further this version fixes the missing scenario preview for the Tobruk Eastern Offensive. Introduces a slight balancing adjustment for Philda Strike and Counter Strike, moving the REDFOR reinforcements from the BLUFOR counter attack turn (10) to turn 12 and resolves some remaining errors with the Soviet orders of battle


see the patch notes thread for details.

CAOS Released

Version has been released, this version introduces engineering options, (bridging and fortification) to the majority of scenarios.

In addition the forward minefields on the Tobruk Offensive have been removed, in order to facilitate more mobile and less predictable game play and a new Tobruk Eastern Offensive, played east to west has been introduced.


See the patch notes thread for details.

CAOS Released

Version has been released. This build introduces a new scenario, Philda Strike and Counter Strike and corrects various previously reported issues with the Soviet and Allied orders of battle.

Philda Strike and Counter Strike is a 20 turn scenario beginning on the western side of the Philda Sector map and consisting of an initial REDFOR offensive against a weak defending position, followed by a BLUFOR counter attack. The scenario objective is territorial control, and the side in possession of the most victory positions at the end of the game wins.

See the patch notes thread for details.

CAOS Released has been released. This build is focused on fixes for issues identified by testers in the last two weeks. Including fixes for random scenario generation and some minor UI tweaks. In addition this build removes the fanatic bonus from Soviet Guards in the Hold and Defend posture.

See the patch notes thread for details.

CAOS Released has been released. This build introduces a new scaling mechanic to the requisition system. Replacing the fixed point requisition in Sand Table scenarios with a brigade equivalent system. Ensuring that players will receive the equivalent of a specified number of brigades in requisition points, scaled for the selected nation and year. In addition, air unit costs have been full reevaluated and generally lowered.

See the patch notes thread for details.

CAOS Closed Beta Test

CAOS has officially entered closed beta and is now accepting applications for beta test players. If you are interested in joining the beta please register an account and fill out an application. A limited number of applicants will be selected initially. As testing needs expand additional applicants will be selected.

Tutorial Videos

In preparation for the next round of beta testing a new set of tutorial videos is now available on the NS2 Youtube channel. Covering creating new games, joining games, the game interface, movement, combat, air command and special units.


CAOS Released This build introduces new hot keys for forming battle groups and detaching units, improves the auto reconnect functions and changes the effectiveness of artillery barrage.

See the patch notes thread for details.

CAOS Released has been released. This build introduces an exciting new random scenario game mode for testing as well as some scenario rebalancing and fixes.

See the patch notes thread for details.


A wiki for CAOS covering the basic game concepts and mechanics is now available. Take a look at the quick guide for new players or browse the wiki for more information about creating and joining games, movement, artillery missions, combat, logistics and a range of other topics.